Tuesday, February 16, 2016

3rd Flood-iversary

3 years ago today, I joined this fabulous group called Photo Flood. Little did I know that this group would be an important part of my life and I can call many members friends as well.

Of the 24 Photo Floods and Mini-Floods available this year - I only managed to miss 4 due to prior commitments and/or work. Just this past Saturday, I froze my tail off for #61 overall (over 3 years).

There's even a few winners in there - 3 in fact! Two mini floods and one photo flood that helped me win best image overall for Year 3 of the group itself.

Here's my favorite image from each Photo Flood and Mini-Flood; in chronological order by PF & MF:


PF: Holly Hills

PF: Calvary Cemetery  - winner of the Flood and winner of the overall year!

PF: Midtown

PF: Clifton Heights

PF: Downtown West

PF: North Hampton

PF: Near North Riverfront

PF: Kosciuzko

PF: Dutchtown

PF: Mark Twain Industrial

MF: Grand Center Arts Academy:

MF: O'Fallon Park

MF: Swap Meet

MF: Tower Grove Farmer's Market

MF: St Louis Art Museum

MF: Zombie Road

MF: Goldenrod, redux

MF: Science Center - winner of the Mini-Flood

MF: Carondelet Historical - winner (a tie) of the Mini-Flood - tied with founder, Jason Gray

Here's to another fun-filled year of photo adventures with this fabulous group!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy EIGHTH Blogiversary to me!

My poor, neglected blog. It's lost out to Facebook a little bit. And starting a photography business. Oh and my full-time job.

I wished I had come up with something super creative to celebrate this eighth Blog-iversary, but I haven't had the time.

For the first time in several years, I am attempting a photo project... two of them actually. I had come across the "Dogwood Photography 52 Challenge" in one of my FB photography groups and it sounded interesting. It rotated from landscape to portraits to artistic and I thought it would challenge me. And coincidentally, a friend of mine started a 365 project. Simultaneously, I realized that I had had a good streak of taking photos every day so far in the very early new year. So I 'publicly' gave myself this goal of BOTH projects simultaneously. An incredibly ambitious and perhaps stupid task.

I'm not going to punish myself if I fail at the 365 but I'd really like to not miss the 52 Week Challenge. So far, I've made it 40 days or 6 weeks!

Here's a quick recap -

1/365   2/365   3/365   4/365  

Week 1: Selfie 5/365

6/365   7/365   8/365   9/365   10/365  

Week 2: Traditional Landscape: 11/365 & Dogwood Week 2: Landscape

12/365   13/365   14/365   15/365  

Week 3: Artistic - Red:  16/365 & Dogwood Week 3

17/365   18/365   19/365   20/365   21/365   22/365   23/365   24/365   25/365   26/365   27/365  

Week 4: Headshot - 28/365 & Dogwood52 Challenge - Week 4: "Portrait: Headshot"


Week 5: B&W Landscape - 30/365 & Dogwood52 Challenge - Week 5: "Landscape: B&W - look for a scene with great contrast that will make a great black & white"

Epic Sunrise   32/365   33/365   34/365   35/365

Week 6: - Artistic - Candy: 37/365 & Dogwood52 Week 6

My only constraints on the 365 project is that I'm trying to take it with my "big" camera and I'm wanting to try new things, photographically.

Here's to the rest of the year!