Tuesday, February 16, 2016

3rd Flood-iversary

3 years ago today, I joined this fabulous group called Photo Flood. Little did I know that this group would be an important part of my life and I can call many members friends as well.

Of the 24 Photo Floods and Mini-Floods available this year - I only managed to miss 4 due to prior commitments and/or work. Just this past Saturday, I froze my tail off for #61 overall (over 3 years).

There's even a few winners in there - 3 in fact! Two mini floods and one photo flood that helped me win best image overall for Year 3 of the group itself.

Here's my favorite image from each Photo Flood and Mini-Flood; in chronological order by PF & MF:


PF: Holly Hills

PF: Calvary Cemetery  - winner of the Flood and winner of the overall year!

PF: Midtown

PF: Clifton Heights

PF: Downtown West

PF: North Hampton

PF: Near North Riverfront

PF: Kosciuzko

PF: Dutchtown

PF: Mark Twain Industrial

MF: Grand Center Arts Academy:

MF: O'Fallon Park

MF: Swap Meet

MF: Tower Grove Farmer's Market

MF: St Louis Art Museum

MF: Zombie Road

MF: Goldenrod, redux

MF: Science Center - winner of the Mini-Flood

MF: Carondelet Historical - winner (a tie) of the Mini-Flood - tied with founder, Jason Gray

Here's to another fun-filled year of photo adventures with this fabulous group!

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