Monday, August 30, 2010

Yellowstone National Park, Day 1

Since we were in the area, Mom and I decided to add a 48 hour trip to Yellowstone, complete with an overnight stay in their pricey but lovely cabins. It was WELL-worth it. We saw a lot of the park and even some of the Grand Tetons, and mostly missed the rain.

Here's just a few photos from our 1st day in the park.

We saw lots of wildlife included a ton of elk from up close:


And several bison:


An unexpected member of a wedding:

Unexpected Wedding Guest

And even a doe and her fawn (who I uncreatively nicknamed Bambi) at dusk:

Bambi and Mom Crossing the Road

We were treated to beautiful landscapes:


Yellowstone Landscape

And hot springs (Artist Paint Pots and Mammoth Hot Springs):

Firehole Spring?

Mammoth Hot Springs

And geysers (Great Fountain and White Dome)

White Dome:

White Dome Geyser

Great Fountain:

Great Fountain Geyser

Great Fountain we waited for 2+ hours in the hot sun, but it was well worth it. When she blew, she blew big (wide) and high (tall). Very much worth the wait. And we saw White Dome in the distance go off every half hour or so.

And, making this blogger very happy, we saw two rainbows:

First this hard-to-see one:

Faint Rainbow

And then this one:


It was a very long day where we got so excited we forgot to eat a proper lunch and ended up collapsing in bed at or around 10pm. Two very tired but mostly happy people (we were both slightly cranky from being in the car for awhile, food shortage and one of us was not feeling 100%).

You can see the rest of the 71 photos in my Yellowstone Day 1 set at Flickr. Day 2 might be a bit delayed due to my computer going into the shop.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

#43 - Complete

43. Be a bridesmaid.

Wedding Party

My cousin on my mom's side got married this summer in her hometown of Bozeman, MT to her man of five years. It was a fun-filled week of getting to know her again (we don't see each other often), and getting last-minute details done. Had my first mani-pedi of my life, as well as my first experience in making bridal/bridesmaid bouquets.

Bouquets made by Me

It was a lot of craziness, a little stress and a lot of fun overall. Here's to a lifetime of happiness for JNA and CMA!

(Ceremony photo by my mom - because, obviously, I can't take it if I'm *IN* the wedding)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm Still Here!

And I have LOTS of pictures... I took over 2100 photos in Yellowstone/Grand Teton/Bozeman and another 1000 at the Zoo on Thursday. I'm still sorting through them majorly.

My photo theory is that I take many many photos. Then after upload, I delete the obviously bad ones: out of focus, blurry, etc. I let them sit for a day or two and take another pass. I delete more - duplicates, blurry ones that I missed first time around.

Then I choose from that diminished pool to upload to flickr... and then I write the post for here.

I'm still in the choosing from the pool to flickr, and since I'll be uploading so many photos, I'll be stretching it out.

So look for a post in the next couple of days or so. :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Rainy Day Off

This summer, in our schedule of crazy, we did have a few days off towards the end. And without fail, it would rain on said days off.

Even with the looming thunderclouds, my friend KS and I decided to go up anyway. We had plans on visiting the Zoo and the Botanical Center. We did both - but not without complication.

The Zoo is where we got caught out in the rain. No mere sprinkle - it DOWNPOURED. We were soaking soaking wet. Unbelievably so. We managed to make it to shelter in the Zoo's train station and waited for it to die down. We ran back to the main entrance where there was an inside exhibit. We wandered through there where I got some amazing photos of seahorses.



And then back outside when we'd dried out a little and it had stopped raining. We visited the Wallabys & Roos (where they are allowed to roam free) and the goats (which we fed).

Roo & Joey


Baby Goats

And a gator who was sitting on a log, but not how you think:

Sitting on a Branch

We then went to the Botanical Center where we dried off further courtesy of a bathroom handdryer and explored raindroplet-ed flowers:

Raindrops on Lilypads

Purple Flowers

Raindrops on Flowers

Raindrops on Flowers

Raindrops on Flowers

I think it was worth the soaking we got - even if both of the places were smaller than expected. As always, you can see more photos in my Des Moines, IA set at Flickr.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Des Moines Sculpture Park

When I can, I enjoy visiting other cities' outdoor art. St. Louis has an amazing sculpture park called Laumeier and I visit it not often enough. On a rare evening off, a friend and I went up from Indianola to Des Moines and explored a few sites I had earmarked to revisit when I had the time.

Specifically, I wanted to see the Sculpture park, and at night. During the day time, it's a nice little collection of great art, but at night, they gain new life.


Moonrise by Ugo Rondinone

looks great by day, but spookier by night:

Moonrise by Ugo Rondinone

What I really wanted to see was this:

Nomade  by Jaume Plensa

Nomade  by Jaume Plensa

Nomade  by Jaume Plensa

Nomade  by Jaume Plensa

Amazing, eh? I thought so. Explore more in my Des Moines, IA set. :)