Sunday, June 29, 2014

26/52 - Photo Project 2014

It's actually been a photo happy week... photographed downtown all rainbow'd up for Pride, a spur of the moment trip to my favorite sunset locale where I was surprisingly rewarded and a nighttime visit to City Museum.

I really enjoyed this picture the most:

Pride St. Louis

I've always loved rainbows and I'm certainly an ally for all my LGBT friends!

Close second:

Creve Couer Sunset June

But I don't want the 52 week project to be only sunsets and macros.

And finally:

City Museum at Night  - Roof

A fun hand-held long exposure with the not often used G12.

I'm strolling out for a shoot today, and I hope that I will go capture some fireworks in the 4th of July weekend.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy List, Week 26

Macro Water Droplets

Happy List, Week 26

1. Thunderstorms. I really do enjoy a good thunderstorm. Last night's lightning storm made me want to learn how to shoot lightning.

2. Research. Though occasionally frustrating, the research on framing for my exhibit has been fulfilling.

3. Helping out. I was able to help out a friend recently with an exhibition. Not only did it help him, it helped me in advance of October.

4. Beautiful Summer Nights. When the sun starts to go down, the night can turn out beautiful.

5. Fellow photogs. It's awesome to be able to text someone and say "I want to go shoot X. Join me?" and meet up and just wait for the sun to go down. Or friends who put up with my photography binges.

6. Two shows down, one to go. Summer is show light for me, but two down, one to go is reassuring. But the last one's a doozy!

7. TV shows on DVD. Since it is taxing on my older computer to run iTunes and Lightroom at once, it's nice to have TV that I know well enough to tune in and out and not miss much.

8. Polite customer service. I had to talk to two cable companies this week about service plans. One actually listened and gave me the data I desired. The other didn't listen and offered me a plan that was MORE expensive than the one I already have. But not only did they not listen, they were rude and didn't spell well. Polite and proofread AND actually listening to their customers? YES!

9. Friends. Who listen and give me feedback when I need it. This applies to a few things. You know who you are.

10. Macro Photography. I got to stretch my legs this past week with them and enjoyed it very much.  It was nice to pick up that 100mm lens and push myself photographically.

Hey! My first 10-er in awhile. Here's to more...

Saturday, June 21, 2014

25/52 - Photo Project 2014

I had forgotten that I had driven around North St. Louis this week and took some pictures of urban decay. So I braved the sticky humidity this morning to see if I could get some macro water droplets shots. I haven't had a chance to get some quality camera time nor macro shots.

Let me tell you, it was well worth it. Plus, the lotus will be in bloom next week! A few were out but more to come!

I really love this one:

June Macro

I'm surprised. I don't like the color orange much. But I really like this photo.

A close second:

June Macro

I really enjoy the composition in this one.

Third and fourth, respectively:

June Macro    June Macro

Macro is still one of my favorites. I can't wait to do more!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy List, Week 25

Macro Water Droplets

Happy List, Week 25

1. Thank you party.  We work hard at work, and sometimes we forget to stop and celebrate our accomplishments.

2. Days off. The one good thing about summer is Sundays off. Even so, I still had a million things to do. So thankful for the days off making up for the two Saturdays I worked.

3. Cuddle with Pippin. Pippin is a lovely pup, but she's not a cuddler. She willingly cuddled and napped with me without fuss. It was adorable.

4. Opportunities. I had the opportunity to pick up some awesome art glass at awesome prices. Thanks SB and CM!

5. Knowledgable friends. As I really start working on my exhibit hard-core, I'm thankful for knowledgeable friends who help me sort out all the information and get good advice.

6. Gin and ginger. My new favorite cocktail. So much better than a gin and tonic. Not quite as awesome as a gin and tonic limeade with fresh fruit.

Yup, I think that's it for now. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

24/52 - Photo Project 2014

Week 24 was a week without camera time. Not from the lack of me carrying it around. Just inspiration. Wasn't particularly busy at work, etc. Thank goodness for a planned photo outing at Soulard Market. I wish I lived closer as I would go a lot more often. I really do need to hit up more farmer's markets this summer.

But I digress:

Soulard Market

Followed closely by:

Soulard Market   Soulard Market

I'm at least taking them on-time but I seem to have lost the art of posting them first thing Sunday. Oops. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy List, Week 24

Macro Water Droplets

Happy List, Week 24

1. Unmitgated joy. This wasn't the first time I had a piece in an art show, but it was the first time it brought tears to my eyes. I was not prepared for that.

2. Friends. Several friends came out to celebrate my opening and many others sent their virtual wishes. Gave me warm fuzzies.

3. Honor.  The honor of being part of this exhibit makes me happy.

4. Decisions. Making decisions makes me happy.

5. Rain. I may be the only person who likes it right now, but it is bringing cooler, non-humid temperatures. I'll take it.

It may be short, but the items are large.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

23/52 - Photo Project 2014

On Friday night, I participated in the opening of a new exhibit at the Sheldon Art Gallery. I had entered a citywide photo contest and though I didn't place in my category, I did make the top 100! That means my print was framed and presented on the wall, and another one of my photos made it into the additional 150 images to make 250 total images.

On the way to dinner with friends who came to celebrate with me, I spotted this image and couldn't resist capturing it:

Fox Alley Stairs

I love it! It might even end up in my big exhibit... we'll see.

Close second - a sunset on the way back to the car:

June Sunset

I may not have taken many pictures this week (busy week at work) but they were worth it. I hope to have more photo opportunities soon.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy List, Week 23

Macro Water Droplets

Happy List, Week 23

1. Catching up with a good longtime friend. He was in town unexpectedly and I got to spend a good portion of Saturday catching up.

2. Comfy and cute sandals. I have always bemoaned the fact that I can't wear sandals because of my old ankle injury. No longer - they may be pricey but they're versatile and will last a lifetime.

3. Retail Therapy. I may bemoan the consequences later, but sometimes it's nice to do a little retail therapy. In moderation, of course.

4. Sunday Brunch with friends. A few friends and I met up for Sunday brunch and it was both delightful and delicious.

5. Painting class. I'm in my 3rd year of taking this course and it is a lot of fun to explore other parts of visual art.

6. Sunsets. Now that the sun rises so early, I've been focusing on sunsets. I have a new favorite place to shoot and I foresee more sunset shoots over the summer.

7. Photographic colleagues. I'm pleased to be adding more people to this 'roster' but I enjoy learning from them every day.

8. Theatrical paperwork. It may be a royal P.I.A. but it is totally worth it sometimes.

9. Helping others out. This is a pretty generic item, but it applies to more than one 'other'.

10. Thunderstorms. Still a happy thing as long as I really don't have to do much out in them.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

22/52 - Photo Project 2014

Funny... the two things I shot this week were sunsets. One was 'accidental' - meaning I was not planning on it. I was running errands when I thought the sky looked interesting, but I couldn't waste time. Turns out my hunch was correct and I 'raced' the sun to get to a nearby good vantage point. I love when the setting sun sets the clouds 'afire' with red. I was richly rewarded.

Then on Thursday, I decided that it might be a nice night for a sunset and headed to my new favorite spot, Creve Couer lake and was richly rewarded as well.

So this is the winner of the week:

Red May Sunset

Runner's up:

Late May Sunset

Late May Sunset

And a unique shot, caught on the way:

Late May Sunset

Again, I may change my mind because it was tough to decided between glorious sunsets! And I really like that last one a lot...