Sunday, June 1, 2014

22/52 - Photo Project 2014

Funny... the two things I shot this week were sunsets. One was 'accidental' - meaning I was not planning on it. I was running errands when I thought the sky looked interesting, but I couldn't waste time. Turns out my hunch was correct and I 'raced' the sun to get to a nearby good vantage point. I love when the setting sun sets the clouds 'afire' with red. I was richly rewarded.

Then on Thursday, I decided that it might be a nice night for a sunset and headed to my new favorite spot, Creve Couer lake and was richly rewarded as well.

So this is the winner of the week:

Red May Sunset

Runner's up:

Late May Sunset

Late May Sunset

And a unique shot, caught on the way:

Late May Sunset

Again, I may change my mind because it was tough to decided between glorious sunsets! And I really like that last one a lot...

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