Sunday, June 8, 2014

23/52 - Photo Project 2014

On Friday night, I participated in the opening of a new exhibit at the Sheldon Art Gallery. I had entered a citywide photo contest and though I didn't place in my category, I did make the top 100! That means my print was framed and presented on the wall, and another one of my photos made it into the additional 150 images to make 250 total images.

On the way to dinner with friends who came to celebrate with me, I spotted this image and couldn't resist capturing it:

Fox Alley Stairs

I love it! It might even end up in my big exhibit... we'll see.

Close second - a sunset on the way back to the car:

June Sunset

I may not have taken many pictures this week (busy week at work) but they were worth it. I hope to have more photo opportunities soon.

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