Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy List, Week 26

Macro Water Droplets

Happy List, Week 26

1. Thunderstorms. I really do enjoy a good thunderstorm. Last night's lightning storm made me want to learn how to shoot lightning.

2. Research. Though occasionally frustrating, the research on framing for my exhibit has been fulfilling.

3. Helping out. I was able to help out a friend recently with an exhibition. Not only did it help him, it helped me in advance of October.

4. Beautiful Summer Nights. When the sun starts to go down, the night can turn out beautiful.

5. Fellow photogs. It's awesome to be able to text someone and say "I want to go shoot X. Join me?" and meet up and just wait for the sun to go down. Or friends who put up with my photography binges.

6. Two shows down, one to go. Summer is show light for me, but two down, one to go is reassuring. But the last one's a doozy!

7. TV shows on DVD. Since it is taxing on my older computer to run iTunes and Lightroom at once, it's nice to have TV that I know well enough to tune in and out and not miss much.

8. Polite customer service. I had to talk to two cable companies this week about service plans. One actually listened and gave me the data I desired. The other didn't listen and offered me a plan that was MORE expensive than the one I already have. But not only did they not listen, they were rude and didn't spell well. Polite and proofread AND actually listening to their customers? YES!

9. Friends. Who listen and give me feedback when I need it. This applies to a few things. You know who you are.

10. Macro Photography. I got to stretch my legs this past week with them and enjoyed it very much.  It was nice to pick up that 100mm lens and push myself photographically.

Hey! My first 10-er in awhile. Here's to more...

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