Friday, August 6, 2010

A Rainy Day Off

This summer, in our schedule of crazy, we did have a few days off towards the end. And without fail, it would rain on said days off.

Even with the looming thunderclouds, my friend KS and I decided to go up anyway. We had plans on visiting the Zoo and the Botanical Center. We did both - but not without complication.

The Zoo is where we got caught out in the rain. No mere sprinkle - it DOWNPOURED. We were soaking soaking wet. Unbelievably so. We managed to make it to shelter in the Zoo's train station and waited for it to die down. We ran back to the main entrance where there was an inside exhibit. We wandered through there where I got some amazing photos of seahorses.



And then back outside when we'd dried out a little and it had stopped raining. We visited the Wallabys & Roos (where they are allowed to roam free) and the goats (which we fed).

Roo & Joey


Baby Goats

And a gator who was sitting on a log, but not how you think:

Sitting on a Branch

We then went to the Botanical Center where we dried off further courtesy of a bathroom handdryer and explored raindroplet-ed flowers:

Raindrops on Lilypads

Purple Flowers

Raindrops on Flowers

Raindrops on Flowers

Raindrops on Flowers

I think it was worth the soaking we got - even if both of the places were smaller than expected. As always, you can see more photos in my Des Moines, IA set at Flickr.

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