Monday, August 30, 2010

Yellowstone National Park, Day 1

Since we were in the area, Mom and I decided to add a 48 hour trip to Yellowstone, complete with an overnight stay in their pricey but lovely cabins. It was WELL-worth it. We saw a lot of the park and even some of the Grand Tetons, and mostly missed the rain.

Here's just a few photos from our 1st day in the park.

We saw lots of wildlife included a ton of elk from up close:


And several bison:


An unexpected member of a wedding:

Unexpected Wedding Guest

And even a doe and her fawn (who I uncreatively nicknamed Bambi) at dusk:

Bambi and Mom Crossing the Road

We were treated to beautiful landscapes:


Yellowstone Landscape

And hot springs (Artist Paint Pots and Mammoth Hot Springs):

Firehole Spring?

Mammoth Hot Springs

And geysers (Great Fountain and White Dome)

White Dome:

White Dome Geyser

Great Fountain:

Great Fountain Geyser

Great Fountain we waited for 2+ hours in the hot sun, but it was well worth it. When she blew, she blew big (wide) and high (tall). Very much worth the wait. And we saw White Dome in the distance go off every half hour or so.

And, making this blogger very happy, we saw two rainbows:

First this hard-to-see one:

Faint Rainbow

And then this one:


It was a very long day where we got so excited we forgot to eat a proper lunch and ended up collapsing in bed at or around 10pm. Two very tired but mostly happy people (we were both slightly cranky from being in the car for awhile, food shortage and one of us was not feeling 100%).

You can see the rest of the 71 photos in my Yellowstone Day 1 set at Flickr. Day 2 might be a bit delayed due to my computer going into the shop.

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