Friday, December 11, 2009



Meet Jack, my BFF (i'm not a fan of this term, but it's appropriate)'s dog. He's absolutely adorable and he cuddles pretty well. He's a comic in his own right and he very patiently waited for me to get up on my own unlike one of my own dogs who breaks into my room when I stay at my parent's if I'm not up by her time table. He dreams like a champ, and it's almost even cuter when a larger dog sleeping (mine are 15-20 lbs, not 50 lbs).

I can't wait to come back and visit again, and of course, play with Jack. Do you think he misses me?


Pippin, QOE said...

This newcomer Jack is your BFF?
What am I? Chipped Liver???
What kind of sister are you?

In consternation,

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Ann said...

read your punctuation, Pip. Jack is LK's dog. LK is my BFF.

See you tonight for Hanukah, Pip.

Pippin said...


ears down.
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Lindsay said...

this photo is adorable!!