Friday, March 5, 2010

Personal Technology Debate

... or how I can't decide which I want more.

I want/need a Kindle. I know, you'd think being the Apple brat that I am, that I'd be all over the iPad. After a lot of research and debate with many people, the Kindle what more of what I need. Don't get me wrong - the iPad is a great device and I can't wait to see where it goes, but for me, right now, with the technology I already own (laptop, iPhone), the iPad is just not the right fit for me. I can, however, see myself owning one down the road.

I want/need the Kindle because I'm doing an awful lot of traveling, often with weight restrictions via the airlines. I want to be able to take many books with me without the weight. (I'm a voracious reader and when time allows, chew through books like they were candy).

But I also desperately want to replace my point-and-shoot camera. My old point-and-shoot is frankly pretty crappy for what I like to shoot (manual settings, low light, etc). But sometimes my DSLR is too intimidating, bulky, heavy, etc. The camera I'm drooling over the Canon G11. It's all I want in a camera, but much smaller and easier to carry around. It's no digital ELPH or any of those other really skinny, tiny cameras - but I could be really happy toting one of those around when I couldn't take my DSLR.

I kind of want both. But $-ily, its not quite possible. The Kindle I'm looking at is $259. The Canon G11 is $500. Unless I win the lottery, I don't think I'm getting both.

But which to get first?

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