Wednesday, November 17, 2010

China, Day 7

Day 7, Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday was supposed to be a day off but instead it became a technical rehearsal which was mostly beneficial for lights, spots and projections. We did not have our usual translators but those who stepped up to the challenge and did well.

One of my fav pictures backstage:

A Tangle of Cables

This'd never fly in the US. This isn't in a main path so we didn't fight this battle. Fellow electricians, cringe with me.

The highlight of the day was having dinner in old Beijing in a hutong (the Chinese word for neighborhood). It was a great little resturant called The Source. It was one of those resturants who prepared food based on the number of people and it was chef’s choice. We had SO much good food and a lot of beer. I ate SO much food. We walked through the rest of the hutong to a bar and had more drinks. It was a wonderful night off where we did not talk about work much.

A Very Delicious Chinese Meal

A Very Delicious Chinese Meal

A Very Delicious Chinese Meal

A Very Delicious Chinese Meal

A Very Delicious Chinese Meal

As always, check out my flickr photostream for many many more pictures than are included here.

Also, a photo to track:

Neighboring Building


Robert said...

Sadly, I've seen worse cabling messes left by people in the US (one squeaky-shoed former ME comes to mind).

Of course I be the Chinese electricians are probably not going to try and ground an electrical circuit using #2 White Pine as the 'ground conductor.'


Ann said...

Oh, RG, how I miss thee.

You're right, I have seen worse, but we try to pretend that we have higher standards (and do) here in the US.

#2 White Pine as a ground conductor... hee... OY.