Tuesday, June 18, 2013

24/52 - Photo Project 2012

I am a part of a meetup.com group, the St Louis Photography Club. Photographers of all levels and experience get together and take photos. Sometimes, we get super awesome opportunities. For example, St Louis has a circus called Circus Flora. They had an artist's day, where us artists (photographers and a sketch group) were allowed pre-show behind-the-scenes access to the circus. As an added bonus, we were allowed to photograph the show that afternoon.

I shot a lot of photos... I mean A LOT. We had low lighting (barely any) for the rehearsal, so shooting the show itself was a lot of fun. I paid for a center seat in the back, and had a good view of everything except the high-wire act.  A fellow club member had spotted that some seats were open in the ring-side boxes during the first half. We got clearance from the house manager and had a FABULOUS view of the second half.

Getting back to the original topic at hand, I shot TONS of photos... but this time I was absolutely ruthless with my deletions. I narrowed the field down to only 21 photos. But it was still a tough choice.

This is the winner - one of my favorites and the one that is getting the most feedback from the group:

Circus Flora - Artist's Day

Close runner's up:

Circus Flora - Artist's Day

I am so glad I was able to make this meet-up. The circus was wonderful, there are many acts not represented in the pictures.

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