Sunday, July 14, 2013

28/52 - Photo Project 2013

It was a very quiet photographic week for me, but on Saturday, I had not one, but TWO photo meet-ups. One at the early part of the day, and the other in the late, very warm afternoon. And they couldn't be more different. The early one was Concordia Seminary - which has gorgeous gothic architecture. I want to go back when I'm not hurried by the fact that someone called in sick at work. I wasn't really focused.

The other was with Photo Flood St Louis, and that was exploring the Hill. I'm pleased with the images that came from it despite me not feeling top notch (both tired, dehydrated and not loving the intense sun). I will say that when in the shade, it was a perfectly lovely afternoon... but that sun was a bit brutal.

This is the winner for the week, a peek in the gates of AlfaPet (formerly the location of Magic Chef):

The Hill

A close second, is this random weed against the red of the overpass:

The Hill

Hopefully this next week is more prolific. And the next two weeks I will have NO problem - hopefully I don't run out of memory cards!!

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