Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This was a summer to remember.

It was the summer that I was introduced to the many addicting joys of Sonic and the deadly delicious chocolate shakes from Braum's.

It was the summer that marked my long-awaited return to musical theatre, something I haven't participated in since college.

It was the summer that our cast and crew did a very good deed by rescuing 5 pit bull puppies: nursing them back to health, overwhelming them with love and finding them safe and loving homes.

It was the summer of great picture opportunities and great pictures with my brand-new camera.

And now, it is time to enjoy the absolutely amazing schedule of having nothing specific to do except just be. And play with my pups. And catch up with friends, movies, tv, family.

I begin my East Coast Adventure on the 21st, I'm sure there will be at least one post from every city, if not more. And of course, plenty of pictures.

I'm supremely enjoying my camera and am seriously researching an affordable telephoto lens for aforementioned trip. The best of the best are of course far out of my price range, but there are several decent in ones within reason. Wish me luck.


Pip said...

Pip says: LUCK!!!!! Ann! We always wish you much Luck!

Lindsay said...

I want to try Sonic sooo badly. They always have the commercials here but the nearest one is 50 miles away! ARGH!

Ann said...

Their stuff is pretty good - their cranberry limeades are delicious - and the popcorn chicken - pretty damn good without being overwhelmingly greasy. And the Blasts? Yum!

I don't even know if there are any in Houston... but there are around here! (St Louis)