Saturday, August 2, 2008

An Overload of Cute

All attempts so far at a family portrait of all five pups have gone up in smoke. I can get 4 out of 5 in focus and paying attention, but there's always the one wandering pup. More likely two.

These five pups have crawled into the hearts of the Urinetown cast and crew. Which is where their names have come from. Only one, the one taken in by M, has a non-show name: Sadie.

This is Lockstock. So named I believe because he is one of two boys. However, I'd also like to point out the white blaze on his chest that is in the shape of a star. Coincidence?


The other male is Barrel. He is the lightest colored, and probably would've been called Pennywise had he been a she.

Barrel, the blond.

Then there's adorable Little Sally, our runt of the litter. Don't let her size fool you, she's got a lot of personaility in that tiny body. And she loves to sleep all nuzzled up into a corner. Or a sister or brother.

Adorable Little Sally

Snuggled Up

And finally, Hope. The one who doesn't look much like the others with the brindle boxer coloring. She's absolutely adorable and slightly awkward. Her legs don't quite fit her body and she's prone to staggering around a bit. It's absolutely adorable.


And here's adorable Sadie:

Stand Up Sadie

Here's a picture of all save Sadie:

Fab Four

I sincerely hope you're saying "Awwww" right now...

Today's long tech rehearsal means our first day in awhile absent of the puppies - we're all sorely missing their presence. They're away at "summer camp" aka the prop assistant's parent's house for the weekend having the times of the lives playing in a huge backyard all of their own.


Lindsay said...

Oh, wow, Lockstock is absolutely adorable. You should adopt one!

Ann said...

They really all are. Lockstock, Little Sally and Hope are my favorites...

I wish I could adopt one, but I won't be 'home' anywhere until Thanksgiving...