Thursday, July 31, 2008

Long Time, No Update

Yes, it's been awhile. The 3rd show ate my soul and just recently spit it back out again. That and the fairly grueling schedule finally caught up with me. I couldn't sleep enough. Still can't.

Urinetown is going well - it's absolutely hysterical, a complete send-up of other shows. Our cast is pretty darn brilliant and rehearsals have been fun.

Monday morning made this whole week interesting. Some punk on the street where the Production Center is was selling puppies on the side of the road. By selling, I mean for $30 a pup, and he was holding two in a hand. And not treating them as a proper dog owner should. The props person, CS, who is a staunch animal lover recruited our stage manager, JL, who is a huge dog lover and off they went. They saved all 5 pups from this creep and he nearly got decked by both ladies for being an insensitive human being.

Suddenly, our work family was playing host to five absolutely adorable pit bull mix puppies. It's highly likely that they have more than one dad. One of them looks distinctly boxer-like, at least in coloring. They all had fleas, and as it later turned out, worms. We took them to get their first set of shots as well as to get dewormed. Our entire cast contributed funds to offset those costs as well as the cost of rescuing them from the evil man. Every rehearsal break, there are at least a handful of cast members/staff members in the props shop playing with the puppies. These puppies went from no love to lots of love. They are really lucky puppies. And they're absolutely adorable. Once they got dewormed, they started feeling so much better. Their personalities are really beginning to shine.

Soulful Eyes


How Can You Resist This Face?

Dark Muzzle

Small but Mighty

Aren't they adorable? One has already found the way into the heart of our Props Assistant, M, but four are still looking for loving homes. The runt may have found a home with one of our Seven Brides cast members, but he's awaiting landlord approval.

I'll miss them when they're gone but I'm looking forward to them finding new homes with loving families. Meanwhile, they're a great diversion!


Lindsay said...

omg! They are adorable!

Ann said...

Aren't they? Now that they're feeling better... their personalities are starting to show. And we've named them after characters in the show.

Anonymous said...

Pip says: They look like they need a little Barking at. I can help. Is there one named Fipp? That would be a Good name. Bobby? Little Sally? Pennywise? Hope? Hope might be too political this season.

I miss you Ann!

Ann said...

I'll introduce them all in a post soon, I have much better pictures of the individuals.