Friday, July 4, 2008


I couldn't let today go by without a post and a little story. I took about 500 pictures tonight of fireworks, but haven't the energy to fully go through them and see how many frames are duds. I just watched with one eye (after focusing) and just pressed the shutter... a lot. So I'm sure there's more than a few empty frames until I started calculating the delay between firework shoot off and my shutter.

Fireworks pictures are forthcoming, though I'm not sure when due to my intensive tech schedule, starting tomorrow.

But before I sign off for the night and crawl into bed to sleep as much as I can in prep for a 80+ hour week... I must leave you with this little story. Today, my only quest was to shoot fireworks with my nifty new camera. I've shot fireworks before with my little Fujifilm FinePix back in Lake George and they turned out well, but I was excited to see what I could do here, armed with a better camera, a tripod and more knowledge.

After unsuccessfully talking any of my colleagues into joining me, I settled on visiting the fireworks spectacular promised by the neighboring city, Bethany. Glad I decided to arrive early to scout a good locale, as apparently the Bethany fireworks were popular. I finally parked on a side street off a main drag (39th) and started walking towards the park where I knew the festivities were being held. As soon as I could hear the sound coming from the stage, I decided to settle down on the north side of the street.

While sitting there, and I was chatting with my mom on the phone, killing time, a Cairn Terrier and her owner walked by. Like I do whenever I think I spot a Cairn Terrier, is cry "Is that a Cairn?!" and get the owners attention. Nine times out of ten, I'm right and they're shocked that I don't think it's a Scottie or a Westie. I inform them that Cairn owners know their Cairns and that I (meaning my family) have two. So I struck up a conversation with the woman and found out that said Cairn's name was Chelsea and she was 14 months. She was adorable. I met her big human sister and her dad as well. They were camped out nearby and her mom was simply taking her for a walk. We ended up chatting for about a half hour about Cairns, dogs and even my job.

Then we waited for the fireworks to start. Boy, did I pick the location to be. They were being shot off in the field right behind me. I had a FRONT ROW SEAT.

So I just turned the camera on, checked a few of the shots through the viewfinder and just kept pressing the shutter... no kidding. My arm even started to hurt because it was tensed and I had to switch to my left hand. Since the fireworks were being set off from one location, I mostly just pressed the shutter and also got to enjoy it with my own two eyes.

I think I've ended up with some decent shots which I'll soon share... in addition to my new canine friend, Chelsea. But for now, I'll enjoy my foray into fireworks photography and the hospitality, kindness and friendliness of Oklahomans. And go to bed.


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