Sunday, July 13, 2008

Halfway There

We're just over the half-way point in the season. Two shows down, in rehearsal for the third, and in just a few weeks, we'll be open with the next and starting on the fourth.

This past week was a long one - our day off fell on a Friday instead of a Sunday because of Independence Day, so when we came back to work, it was immediately into tech and went all the way through until closing night. The early tech process as described in the previous post was long, but in terms of running the show, it was a light, and easy show. And a fun one. The dancers dazzled the audience, and the assistant stage managers enjoyed the calm before the storm on a busy show like "Seven Brides".

Today was the first day off in awhile that I have not ventured outside the apartment on a photography mission. Truth be told, I'm exhausted and just wanted to enjoy watching TV that I wanted to watch and post pictures from the past week on Flickr instead.

Check the Flickr link for most of them, but here's a preview:

Old-Fashioned Mic

LT = Lyric Theatre

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