Monday, June 30, 2008

Doe... a deer...

... a female deer.

No, really.

Doe, a deer...

Sorry, I really couldn't help myself. Especially when the opportunity presented itself to me yesterday during my weekly photography foray into Oklahoma City. I visited Martin Park Nature Center, located on the NW part of OKC. Partially wildlife sanctuary and trails, it was mostly just a mild hike in nature. However, this doe ran past me so fast, and at a decent distance that I thought it was just the sunlight filtering through the trees. Thankfully not, and she stayed still long enough for me to fire shots off on both cameras before fleeing into the creek.

This past week was a long week, I think I was at work about 90 hours this week. Something crazy like that. We opened "Sound of Music" last Tuesday and closed Saturday night. Meanwhile, we started rehearsals for "Swing" and are gearing up for going into tech for that after the 4th of July.

Where did June go?

For other various photos of the last few weeks, check out my flickr pages.

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Anonymous said...

Pip says: Cool deer! And Pip passes on this message from a friend: Please stay hydrated when you work such long hours.