Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oklahoma Tidbits

High winds are apparently commonplace here, they've been gusting like crazy for the last day or so. Turns out we have a tornado watch tonight... didn't they just have a storm right before I came here? If the sirens go off, we'll be hunkering down with our show's choreographer who has a 1st floor apartment. I'm not terribly worried. Just the same, I didn't park my car underneath any trees. I'm more worried about the winds than anything else. My car was not fun to drive on the 10 minute drive home.


Seen on 16th street: A little old lady driving a red sedan at 20 mph (the speed limit is 30 or 35) and quite possibly drinking a beer while driving. I didn't get close enough to see and when my patience ran out, I passed when the lines on the road let me. Yikes.


Nothing against the children in our production, I am looking forward to when the rest of the adults arrive next week. Today, we had a discussion with the children about the end of the show and why the Von Trapps were leaving. The director drew parallels to today and it was very solemn.


Despite the relatively light schedule so far (it's going to get busier), I haven't had much opportunity to take the camera out for a whirl. But my next day off is coming up soon - where shall I go next?

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