Monday, June 2, 2008

Canon Digital Rebel XSi... I heart thee.

Now, you won't often hear me using contemporary slang terms, mostly because they generally irritate me, like most texting shorthand. But I'm getting away from the original subject of the post... my new CAMERA!!

Now, I have been drooling after a new camera for awhile. Pretty much after I really started getting into photography and learning more about aperture, shutter speeds, etc and getting really hooked into nighttime photography. And when I started hitting the limitations of my then-current camera. Don't get me wrong, I do love my Fuji FinePix S700, and I'm not jettisoning it yet. But I was ready to expand my camera horizons.

Thanks to a combined birthday present (in no particular order) from my parents, from myself and from the government, I became the proud new owner of the latest Digital Rebel. Now don't tell my new camera this... but I hadn't intended to get this particular model. I had originally intended on getting its predecessor, the XTi. After doing some serious and lengthy internet research, and talking to several salespeople at various stores (serious camera shops and more casual camera shops alike) and having my hands on both models, the new bells and whistles on the XSi were just too good to pass up.

I ended up going with the kit lens because it seemed to get pretty good reviews for a kit lens and it gives me plenty of time to discover what I miss from my ZSLR (the so-called nickname for my former camera - a zoom lens reflex.) A new lens will be my next big purchase (not anytime soon, thankyouverymuch.) By then, I'll know what I want and perhaps be able to get a good deal as well. This ain't no cheap hobby!

With the new camera, I had to get a nifty bag to protect my newest acquisition (not to mention that my current one was far too tiny.) After more research, the appeal of the Lowepro Slingback 100 was irresistible. It's part backpack, but it swings around to open like a traditional camera bag when needed. I love it. LOVE it. Of course, eventually, I'll want a camera bag that looks a little less camera-y, but that's for later. I needed a practical, yet fun, bag.

My cameras (yes, both) and the new bag and I had an outing this past Saturday. I definitely don't have the zoom that the Fuji has... but I think it takes pretty good pictures - even though I ended up cropping a majority of them to get the "zoom" quality I wanted. I can't wait to go on more photo-taking expeditions and learn more about how to use the amazing new camera in my possession. I'm so excited!!

I just posted some puppy pictures to flickr, so the OKC Zoo pictures will have to wait.

Until next time...


Lindsay said...

very nice. always fun to get a new piece of technology to play with.

Ann said...

Isn't it? I'm excited... so far I'm taking very run of the mill photos, but I'm studying the manual and my new book about exposures and manipulating them to get the shot I want.