Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy List, Week 47

Perfect Rose

1. Anchorage in Fall. Its really beautiful. I thought I'd miss fall but apparently not. And I'll be here for first snow.

2. The good people of AO - its so nice to be back.

3. CV, my hostess during my Alaskan adventure. She's fabulous and she has a lovely dog, Maya, who greets me with delight every time she sees me. Helps in not missing my pups as much.

4. The view from the rehearsal hall. We've got 360 view, 8 floors up. It's pretty great.

5. Diet Coke. Without it, I would not have survived.

6. McDonalds. Without it, I would not have survived.

7. 24 hour grocery store, without it, I would not have survived.

8. Partial days off (if I can't have any, I'll take a partial one.)

9. Photography. My 365 project continues... and it might be keeping me sane.

10. New work. I've never worked "Suor Angelica" before, it's rather pretty, albeit depressing. I can hear so many other Puccini pieces in it. Is that a sign I've worked too much Puccini?

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