Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy List, Week 48

Perfect Rose

1. my iPhone. Yup it made the list again. I've been so thankful for the ability to send email from rehearsals. It's been priceless. It means I can get a lot of work done without the interruption of a phone call.

2. Cut/Copy/Paste on the iPhone. Without it, I would not have been able to email the chorus to schedule their fittings during the first music rehearsal of the second show on the double-bill.

3. SoBe drinks. No high fructose corn syrup and flavors that are unique. It's all about keeping hydrated and having variety from water or Diet Coke.

4. Getting to sleep before 2am. Nearly impossible up here so far.

5. A hot shower in the morning. My room is nice and warm, but a hot shower before going out into the fall chill of Anchorage is lovely.

6. My hostess. Because she's just fabulous.

7. The weather in Alaska that allows one to use one's car trunk as a refrigerator.

8. A morning off to do laundry and sleep in an extra hour. What a difference an hour makes.

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