Friday, June 11, 2010

Bellefontaine Cemetary

I'm not usually a fan of cemeteries. As a photographer, I do enjoy the tragic beauty, especially when gravestones/gravesites were ornate and tributes beyond the basic headstone.

St. Louis is home to one particularly historical and beautiful cemetery. It's called Bellefontaine Cemetery and there are many notable St. Louisans buried there as well as Civil War soldiers.

My mom and I visited it one day - and let me tell you, the cemetery is VAST. We didn't stop at every 'notable' grave, but we stopped at many. Some were simply famous St. Louisans, or just plain famous. But some were listed on the tour because of their unique gravesite. Or in particular, one had a great story.

Herman Luyties

Herman Luyties fell in love with a model, who turned down his romantic advances. He was so obsessed with her that he had a sculpture commissioned in her likeness and it was eventually moved to his family's burial plot from its extreme weight. He had the statue enclosed in the glass case when the weather started to deteriorate the marble. He's buried at the feet of his long-lost obsession.

Isn't that a great story? Makes you wonder if that woman ever knew she has a sculpture of her.

Here's some more interesting graves/masoleums:

Captain Isaiah Sellers

Capt. James B. Eads

Children's Grave

Detailed Statue

Kate Brewington Bennett

Read more about it here.

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I had a good time with you that day. The photos are very nice. The black and white looks good.

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