Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm alive...

For almost a year, I've posted nearly daily. Now that my 365 project is done (hurrah!), I'm not taking photos on as regular of a basis. Mostly because I don't *HAVE* to, and I'm also debating my next 'big' photo project. Found alphabet or colors. (If you want more explanation, let me know)

The also small wrinkle in my photo life is that my job this summer is part of an 8 week uber-intensive schedule. I have managed to take a photo in some crazy times in the past year, but I think this summer rep schedule is just going to take the proverbial cake.

This is NOT me saying that I'm not posting anymore. This IS me saying that there will be gaps between posting. I have a few entries up my sleeve that I just need to sit down and compose and post. They'll be coming soon.

I'll try to keep you updated, even if its just a textual anecdote or a basic picture or two.

So stick with me, and keep checking back for updates. You never know when I'm going to have the time or the motivation to post some photographic or anecdotal fun.

Thanks for reading!

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