Sunday, May 2, 2010



Day 345 was the day that I partcipated in a really cool meetup. The meetup was a scavenger hunt, with the theme of Decay, Isolation, Creepy and Weird. We had to find the 25 objects on the list within about 6 hours.

As a photographer, I love urban decay. I love it because a rundown building has stories. It has history.

I joined the group with the ringleader of this meetup and we went to some really cool places. Places I'd never go by myself. Ever.

What an absolutely fun day, I couldn't stop smiling for awhile. Check out my flickr photostream for more pictures...


Lindsay said...

I love urban decay and abandoned buildings. Let's do a trip to Detroit.

Ann said...

Linds, you're on. There are some great ones there!