Sunday, May 9, 2010



The St Louis Metro Area encompasses a pretty large amount of land. I tend to forget that until the opportunity to go far out of my normal sphere of travel arrives.

I belong to a group called freecycle, which promotes swapping items for no cost, versus letting them end up in landfills. Sometimes the stuff is junk and only worth parts, but more often than not, the items are good quality or even almost new. on Day 352, a HP scanner came up on the list. Long time readers will remember that one of the tech items I've long drooled over for was a scanner. This one appeared to be compatible with Mac, and I immediately wrote back, asking if it was still available.

It was. Except this guy was all the way in Mehlville, down by Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, our local military cemetery like Arlington. It took this freecycle opportunity to pay a visit to this famous and well-known cemetery. It was a brief but amazing visit. There were perfectly aligned white headstones, marking the burial places of veterans and spouses from many many years, covering an amazing amount of land. It was both awe-inducing and tragic.

I'm glad for the opportunity to go there and pay some respects.

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