Friday, May 7, 2010



My roommate and I are definite sushi fans. So when she was on vacation, she found sushi-making supplies for a steal of a deal. So last Friday, Day 350, we made our own sushi. This required a trip to our local Chinatown, which just happens to be in University City. We went through several stores, including one at where the cashier spoke NO English to me. Thank goodness I could read the total amount. It was pretty funny.

We bought ourselves ginger (which we go through in copious amounts), the seaweed wrapper and the proper rice, and sushi vinegar.

Since neither of us wanted to gamble with raw fish, we decided to make vegetarian (and shrimp) sushi. Here are our first rolls. No they're not perfect but boy were they tasty! They certainly will not be the last sushi we make... it was SO much fun. It is a messy task though.

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