Wednesday, July 21, 2010

By the Numbers: Summer 2010

My summer job summed up in numbers. I'm sure I'm leaving some good stats out. This may be updated again.

3: the number of mainstage shows in the season

16: the total number of performances of mainstage shows

8: the number of weeks in the festival

14-16+: the hours in an average workday this summer

35: The number of days that went by without a day off (for stage management - a couple of days longer for apprentice singers, a few less for other tech staff)

~150: the number of people when the festival was in full swing (tech, apprentice singers, principal artists and orchestra)

3: the number of directors for the mainstage; and 3 assistants total as well

2: the number of conductors for the mainstage season

3.5 hours: the length of our longest show

2.25 hours: the length of our shortest show

endless: the number of hours spent in rehearsal

2: the number of tornado scares while at work, evacuating into the rehearsal hall

a lot: the number of days it rained

at least 10: the number of times the backstage areas had water leakage

even more: the number of days it felt like we were swimming to work in the humidity

far too many: the number of stairs climbed this summer (3rd floor dorm room, 2 flights down basement rehearsal space/office)

almost every night: the number of times we went to the Zoo (local bar that loves us) and drowned our sorrows in alcohol, darts and pool games

20: the number of miles we were away from our namesake city

very small: the size of the campus we lived/worked/performed

0: the number of places open after 11pm that had food (bars didn't count)

too few: the number of pictures taken this summer

3: the number of trips up to the Apple Store in West Des Moines about my old computer

1: the number of new computers purchased this summer

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