Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm still alive...

... wow, and much more time has gone by without a post. This summer job just eats me up alive and doesn't leave much for me to function with.

Actually, the schedule has gotten much more manageable lately, but I've been crippled by a broken computer. Thanks to my iPad, I've been able to eke by, but its nice to have the new computer in hand.

It's not fully up-to-speed (I can't get some stuff off my old HD yet... or ever) and need to wait until I have access to the backup on my external drive that is home in STL.

But for now, this works for me... and I'm getting used to the quirks and new developments since my old computer was made (that's 4 years ago - an eon in the computing world).

So hopefully I'l have some new pictures for you in a week or so! I've had a chance to put the camera back in my hands and my artistic soul is not screaming as much anymore.

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