Friday, October 1, 2010

#53 - Complete

53. Have one of my photographs hung on the wall of someone else's house.

I've accomplished this a few times over. I've gifted several people with vertical collages of some of my favorite photographs. Though it doesn't much count for this item, my roommate requested that we hang some of my photos up on our walls. I made a collage of roses for one of my best friends, gave my roommate's parents a collage of palm trees and beaches (some of their favorite things), and a pair of collages for my parents - daylilies for dad, and irises for mom.

And at some point, i will come up with a collage or collection of photos for another one of my best friends who is an amazing photographer in her own right. She has very graciously reserved a wall space for me in her new apartment. We're not quite sure what will go there yet.

Someday, I might be able to update this entry with pictures of aforementioned wall-hangings, but for right now, I will enjoy the fact that people enjoy my photography enough to have my pictures up on their wall.

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