Thursday, October 7, 2010

Forest Park Balloon Glow

Every fall, there's a Balloon Race held in Forest Park. The night before the afternoon race, there's a glowfest held on the launch field. The balloonists inflate their balloons and then, on an air horn cue, light up their balloons with the propane flames that heat the air so that they might fly. However, on this night, they are tethered to the ground.

I've seen balloons glow before, but ever since I took up photography as a more serious hobby, I have been wanting to go. I've either been out of town, or forgotten or what-have-you, and my roommate has also always wanted to go. So we did.

It was amazing. There were TONS of balloons, and it was great watching them inflate and then, watching them glow as the sun went down. There were TONS of people there and it was worth getting there early to get a good parking spot, and picnic spot.

Here's just a select few of the 109 photos that were 'finalists' from countless ones that I had taken that night.

Rising Bunny

Going Up





Field of Glow

Glow Glow Glow

Rainbow Striped

Go see more at flickr here!

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