Monday, February 14, 2011

More Photo Project 2011 Photos

Having a little more free-time encourages picture-taking - though I have been keeping my eyes out for interesting things to photograph lately, even if I haven't had my camera handy.

I didn't realize I hadn't taken pictures of the # 1

1 - 1/2

1 - 2/2

or started looking for 100

100 - 1/2

One beautiful thing about Alaska is the sunrises and sunsets:

Sunset - 1/2

Sometimes the items are right in front of you, like this vent:

Vent - 1/2

I'm surrounded by coffee drinkers, so I'm a little surprised it took me this long to take a photo like this:

Coffee - 1/2

This is definitely broken:

Broken  - 1/2

I thought locks were on my list, but luckily, hinges are:

Hinge - 1/2

Rustiness abounds:

Rust - 2/2

Only 242 to go!

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