Friday, July 15, 2011

The (Covered) Bridges of Madison County


Did you know that the Bridges of Madison County (book and movie) take place in Madison County, IOWA? I admit, I haven't read the book nor seen the movie in a long time. It turns out, that these covered bridges are located a mere 30 miles away. Most of the info found below is borrowed from here

Madison County

Originally, there were 19, but now there are only 6. The map we found actually listed a 7th that was ruined but we could not locate it. Apparently, someone burned it down in a fit of broken heartedness.

The remaining bridges were built by two different people: Benton Jones and Eli Cox and most remain on their original site.


Hogback Bridge

Hogback Bridge was built in 1884 and renovated in 1992, is 97 feet long and is in its original location.


Roseman Bridge

Roseman Bridge was built in 1883 and renovated in 1992, is 107 feet long and is in its original location. It is the more well-known of the bridges as it is featured in the movie and the book. Also considered haunted.


Cedar Bridge

Cedar Bridge

Cedar Bridge was built in 1883 and renovated in 1998. It is featured on the cover of the book and is featured prominently. It is no longer in its original location, and was actually destroyed by an arsonist in 2002. It was rebuilt according to original specifications and rededicated in 2004.


Holliwell Bridge

Holliwell Bridge

Holliwell was built in 1880 and renovated in 1995. It is the longest at 122 feet and remains on its original site. It was featured i the movie.


Imes Bridge

Imes Bridge

The Imes was built in 1870, making it the oldest and renovated in 1997. It is 81 feet in length and has been moved twice from its original location.


Cutler-Donahoe Bridge

Cutler-Donahoe Bridge

The Cutler-Donahoe bridge was built in 1870 and renovated in 1997. It is 79 feet in length and one of two bridges to featre the pitched vs flat roof. It has been moved once from its original location.

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