Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market

I had heard many good things about the DM farmer's market, and I love me a good farmer's market, but I was not prepared for the immensity and complexity of this market. In addition to the farmers hawking their freshly grown goods, there were food booths galore, as well as arts and crafts booths, and other amazing goodies. Plus there were street musicians, and people wandering around trying to sell really tiny puppies.

Speaking of the puppies, I think they are too young to be sold at the age they are, but I didn't talk to them long enough to see if they were selling them at a later date when they were more mature. That aside, they still were darling little things, don't you think?

Tiny Puppies!

Soft Puppies!

But let's get down to the real things at hand - don't all these things look good enough to eat?




Green Beans

Baby Carrots

Red Onion


Carrots and Radishes

A Sea of Food

So many sights such as a pickup truck full of cantaloupe:

A Pickup Truck Full of Cantelope

Or people making amazing kettle corn in already horrifying heat:

Kettle Corn

Or someone hawking growing your own mushrooms to eat:


Refreshments were had - such as this delicious breakfast burrito:

Delicious Breakfast Burrito

while we listened to this guy while we waited:


I went back again the following week, and my only really exciting find was this man who did amazing weaving right before our eyes:

Amazing Weaver

Amazing Weaver

Amazing Weaver

The details and the colors blew me away. I'm sure his work was very expensive, because it was amazing.

So if you're ever in downtown Des Moines, during the summer & fall (i think), check it out. It'll be well-worth your time!

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