Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011

I took a lot of photos - much more than the 366 represented in Photo Project 2011... but here are some of my favs:

Bubbles - 1/2Cocktails - 2/2Feet/Shoes - 2/2Bellefontaine Cemetary - Spot Color - 2/2Asparagus - Vegetable - 2/2Asparagus - Growing - 1/2Bottle - 1/2Vehicles - 1/2Fresh - 1/2

Bubbles - 2/2Still Life - 2/2Macro - 1/2Sunlit Tulips - Flowers - 2/2Aurora Borealis - Alaska - Horizons - 2/2Chain - Repetition - 2/2Abandoned - 2/2HIghlighted Mountain / Horizons - 1/2Out of Focus - 2/2

In Motion (Motion Blur - 2/2)Clouds - 2/2

Here's hoping 2012 brings some even better photos and photo opportunities!


thirdhandart said...

Awesome photos! I can see why they are your favorites. Found your blog via the DPS Photoblog Poll.

MWP {the blog} said...

I'm stopping by from your comment on DPS. All of these photos are stunning! I especially like the black and white one.

Ann said...

Thanks to you both!!

366andallthat said...

Hi Ann,
Really love some of these. Especially the muted tones on the single asparagus (I assume it's one?). The other I like is the chain on the blue rock. Quite beautiful.


Ann said...

Thanks, M. I love the asparagus - I had no idea they grew like that. As for the chain - I entered that one into a contest - I really love it a lot!