Saturday, September 29, 2012

52 Week Project: Week 39

Week 39 was reacclimatizing to both work and home. The time change threw me off just enough but I think I adapted pretty quickly to reintegrating. Work, as usually, buried me a little bit so this week's pictures were taken today.

When I was at a local garage sale, amongst the things that I picked up that I didn't need, was a little collection of colored bottles. They're definitely antiques and most of them appear to be former medicine bottles. But they're beautifully colored glass, and I selected a handful to be photographed. I wasn't wholly satisfied with the light, but too lazy to take them outside in the sunlight. But that's where Adobe Lightroom comes in.

Here's the "winner" - it was a tough choice:

Colored Glass Antiques

Runners up include the one that almost got picked and one I like a lot (abstract):

Colored Glass Antiques   Colored Glass Antiques

I can't believe we're 39 weeks into the year, and it's getting close to the time where I should start thinking about my next photo project.

Anyone have any ideas? Timely that this article came out.

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