Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring? Surely You Jest...

So St. Louis got a 'surprise' snowstorm on Sunday. It wasn't really a surprise, we'd known about it for a few days. But unlike the last few predicted snows, the snow exceeded expectations. The official tally was 12.2" which is a record since 1982. In my area of St. Louis, I'd say we got at least a healthy 6-8". The biggest factor is that it came down fast and hard in the beginning and was preceded by a rainstorm that prevented the roads from being pre-treated.

Needless to say, it threw my work for a big loop on Sunday - and we had to scramble to cancel performances AND classes - something we were pretty reluctant to do. I spent several hours getting things all ship shape with some of my coworkers before heading home for an unexpected partial snow day.

One factor about this snow, is that it was a nice, heavy snow that sticks. Bad for roads and such, but really pretty for photographers. So before I headed home "for good", I stopped in Forest Park for a slow drive around. I certainly wasn't the only shutterbug to be paying a visit, but I didn't really want to get out of the car (wasn't fully outfitted/prepared). So I drove around in search of some good sights. I purposely overexposed some of these shots to get the effect I wanted, and one of them was just pure luck.


Late March Snow    Late March Snow    Late March Snow    Late March Snow    Late March Snow    Late March Snow    Late March Snow   Late March Snow  

Late March Snow    Late March Snow    Late March Snow    Late March Snow

Now as much as I photographically love snow, and really am a fan of it... it's time for Spring to arrive!

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