Sunday, May 26, 2013

Zoo Babies!

My roommate and I went and visited the St. Louis Zoo, expressly to see Priya, our newest elephant on her public debut. She was born on April 26th - so she's not even one month old. She is so tiny and precious - especially in comparison to her mother... don't you agree?


20130523-IMG_0221    20130523-IMG_0229  

And while we were there, we saw THREE other zoo babies!

A joey out of his/her pouch:

Baby Kangaroo

A baby zebra:

Baby Zebra

and a baby Bactrian camel:

Baby Bactrian Camal

whose family posed for a family portrait:

Camel Family Portrait

There's really nothing better than getting surprised by super-cute zoo animals. This is why I love the Zoo!

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