Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lucky Seven?

Balanced Rock at Big Bend National Park

7 years and 874 posts ago, I started this blog because my interest in photography was starting to kick up. Little did I know, the photography bug was going to take hold and never let go. Every year, I've tried to learn at least one new things and am constantly printing off articles to read for later.

In the last year, my participation in photography exhibition world really took off. I finally started listening to the friends, family and colleagues who have been encouraging me for a little while and gave it a real go at applying. And it has certainly paid off:

  • 5 juried exhibitions including:
    • a city-wide photography contest
    • my solo photography show debut at Third Degree Glass Factory
I couldn't be prouder.

I'm sure some readers of this blog have noticed that there's no Photo Project 2015. That is true and it just kind of happened. Part of it is because I was on vacation over the holidays and I didn't have myself together on that front. Part of it is because it has been kind of nice to be camera-free for awhile. I LOVED my trip over the holidays but I always had my camera in my hands. Plus, January was a SUPER busy month at work for me - two of the weeks were 90+ hours at work which doesn't leave much freedom. And, St. Louis is having a snow-less winter which doesn't leave much photogenic-ness around.

But what I *HAD* promised myself is that I would put myself out there for more exhibits. Entry fee or no entry fee, themed or unthemed. And then, I was given the opportunity to have a second solo show - kind of out of the blue. I'm grateful for the opportunity and grateful for the friends and family who helped me curate it one of the more insane weeks of my life. And I am extremely happy with the result.

And shortly after that, I received notification that I'll be in another exhibition running from February to June in a local hospital.

I've applied to or will be applying to at least two more... and already I will be meeting my self-imposed goal. I must keep finding great exhibitions to be a part of.

So here's to another good year in photography and blogging!

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