Monday, February 16, 2015

Second Flood-iversary

February 16th marks the end of my second year with Photo Flood St. Louis! (My how time flies...) I'm so grateful that I found this group and that I can count many of the members among my friends. I love that we all have different interests and different eyes, varying skill levels and equipment and NO EGOS.  Everyone is willing to learn and to teach. And we're all around the same age, give or take.

On our most recent Flood, a group of four of us were walking around together. We all stopped around the same time and took our shot. I looked back after taking mine and just laughed. All four of us were pointing in different directions - we had all seen different things. That moment there epitomizes the group.

In the last year, I have attended 19 of the 25 Floods and Mini-Floods available which is pretty amazing considering my work schedule. I won one Flood that I almost didn't attend and I thoroughly enjoyed myself on all adventures.

I've chosen my favorite 2 (or more) from each flood from this past year:

STL250 - Biggest Birthday Ball

Photo Flood Birthday Ball    Photo Flood Birthday Ball

STL250 - Burning Love

Photo Flood Burning Love    Photo Flood Burning Love

The Ville

Photo Flood The Ville   Photo Flood The Ville

Botanical Heights (McRee Town)

Photo Flood   Photo Flood

Goldenrod Showboat

Photo Flood Goldenrod Showboat   Photo Flood Goldenrod Showboat

Bevo Mill

Photo Flood Bevo Mill   Photo Flood Bevo Mill


Photo Flood Clayton    Photo Flood Clayton

Soulard Market

Photo Flood Soulard Market   Photo Flood Soulard Market

Fairground Park

Photo Flood Fairground Park    Photo Flood Fairground Park

Compton Hill Water Tower

Photo Flood Compton Hill Water Tower    Photo Flood Compton Hill Water Tower

Downtown, pt 2

Photo Flood DOwntown    Photo Flood DOwntown

St. Louis Hills

Photo Flood St Louis Hills    Photo Flood St Louis Hills

World Bird Sanctuary

Photo Flood World Bird Sanctuary    Photo Flood World Bird Sanctuary

Tower Grove Park

Photo Flood Tower Grove Park    Photo Flood Tower Grove Park

Debalivere Place

Photo Flood Debalivere Place   Photo Flood Debalivere Place

The Trestle

Photo Flood Trestle    Photo Flood Trestle

Joern Wedding

Photo Flood Joern Wedding     Photo Flood Joern Wedding


Photo Flood Carondelet   Photo Flood Carondelet

Hamilton Heights

Photo Flood Hamilton Heights   Photo Flood Hamilton Heights


Photo Flood: Ferguson    Photo Flood: Ferguson

Here's to many more adventures!

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