Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall is Here!

Long time, no update. The internet situation in Indianapolis is slo-poke dial-up for the most part. Photo-blogs might go on hiatus, but I couldn't pass up the chance to share glorious fall color with you before all posts turn to word-only.


Green, Yellow, & Red

Tree-Lined Street

Rehearsals are going well; we're into the second week of rehearsals and I am tiring of children. Somehow pre-teens are a little more crazy than having younger kids. Strange but true. Less running around and screaming, but more volume and more silly teenage stunts. The adult cast are amazing and I thoroughly enjoy working with them all.

The other two assistant stage managers are also here which is a welcome change in rehearsal as well as they are both colleagues and friends with whom I've worked with before. We'll be into tech before we know it... this show'll keep us busy for sure.

More soon... The weather now is chilly and my last day off was rather dreary - which mean no good picture taking opportunities.

And I cannot let this blog post go by without acknowledging a sad tragedy back in Houston. The adorable baby elephant that I snapped pictures of mere months ago passed away suddenly. 48 hours from diagnosis to passing on. Poor little thing. :(

Here's him playing around instead of napping. RIP, Mac!

Baby Elephant Smile

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