Thursday, October 30, 2008

Madama Butterfly

On the eve of my departure for my next job, I finally sit down and write about my last job, Madama Butterfly. All around, it was a great production.... superb cast, simple but beautiful set and gorgeous, mostly uncomplicated costumes.

The set was unique as in it was raked enough to remind us all that we did indeed have muscles in our legs that we did not use normally. By the time we were well into onstage rehearsals, I had forgotten how extreme the rake was since we'd all gotten our 'rake legs'. The rake grew more and more extreme as it got closer to the curtain. In fact, the lowest platform actually tipped down into the pit. Simple, yet dramatic. Very suiting to the piece, I think.

Here's the view from the balcony, which gives a better idea of the rake:

What you can't see is the 26 stairs leading up to the rear of the mountain. Let's just say that I really got my exercise during tech week.

What was really fun was opening night. Butterfly opened the season, so there was a gala of sorts. We (staff) wore corsages (yes, a la prom)

Opening Night Corsage

and ate dessert sushi - which bears an uncanny resemblance to real sushi except its made of fruit, coconut and who knows what else, but it was TASTY!

Dessert Sushi

Dessert Sushi

And lastly, our lobby was adorned with decorated parasols:


Butterfly Parasol

Brava tutti! I will certainly miss everyone and look forward to our next show together... wherever it may be.

Red Roses

Still to come: Driving Adventures


Lindsay said...

that sushi looks awesome. where are you off to next?

Ann said...

I'm in Indianapolis working with 50 children on hansel and gretel. No internet yet except iPhone. Ah well.