Sunday, October 12, 2008

My DSLR's First Snow

Yeah, it certainly isn't *MY* first winter. Certainly not, I'm a midwestern gal. But I don't live the midwest anymore and I keep living in places that don't have 'true' seasons: LA, Houston. I think this is my first snow in a good long while. I don't remember where I was last winter anyway - probably Houston.

At any rate, it's the first time I've been around snow since my increased interest in photography and the acquisition of more advanced equipment to pursue said interest.

So when the snow really began to fall like it does in a shaken-up snow globe, I broke out the camera and walked downstairs.

Here's just a few photos to share, check out more at flickr.

Snowy Flower

Evergreens and Snow Are Meant To Be Together

Snowy Leaves

Water Droplets

Snow-Globe Snow

At least this was pretty snow that only stuck to greens, flowers and parked cars. It didn't stick to roads much at all, thankfully.

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