Saturday, October 25, 2008

Exploring Utah

Once we open the show, we have every other day off. All those long days really pay off come performance time. I've spent some of those days off exploring the area around Salt Lake City.

Some friends took KE and I to Antelope Island, which is an island in the Great Salt Lake. We saw no antelope, but we did see many bison (Antelope Island is home to TONS of bison), and we also saw a fox and a VERY large snake.

Let me just preface this picture by saying a) I was using my 55-250mm zoom lens and b) i was in a car. And pretty damn terrified.


Here's a lovely picture of the low-level lake to distract you:

Great Salt Lake


Pretty Horse

The amazing thing about Antelope Island was the silence - it was so close to the city and yet absolutely silent.

Today, I went with a fellow photo buddy and we explored two canyons of the Wasatch Mountains including some very windy roads.

Wasatch Mountains

Lift Me Up

I'll cover opening night soon... probably after closing, which is tomorrow afternoon!


Lindsay said...

That snake is scary as hell...but the bison (buffalo?) and horses are beautiful

Ann said...

Yeah... it is scary as hell - but it's a really cool picture and make for a great story. I was so afraid it would leap up and get me...

Bison/Buffalo are so gorgeous, they're only a few days until they get rounded up and counted.