Thursday, October 9, 2008

Long Week And It's Only Wednesday

It has been a long week and yes, it's only Wednesday. Things Ike-related (yes, that bad I-word again) exploded in a major way and this blogger was NOT happy. Things have been mostly resolved thanks to the kindness of a good friend, PS, who is a life-saver.

So now I blog about my other super-pup, Tommy, because he makes my day. And I have super-cute pictures of him to cheer me up.

Tommy is the least terrier-like terrier because he's so mellow in personality and has lots of love without overwhelming you and jumping like he has a spring in his legs. He's very unlike his sister.

Due to his personality, he's what you call a therapy dog. He visits sick kiddos at a children's hospital and rehab centers to offer those in occupational and physical therapy a variation in their therapeutic routines.

Big Smile with Yellow Swan

I mean, how can you resist that smile? That's Tommy with his favorite toy, Yellow Swan. He lights up like a kid at Christmas when he sees Yellow Swan and is happier than a clam in mud. Yes, I used cliches, but they're ever so applicable.

But my new fav picture of all time is this one:

Perfect Catch

I'm still SHOCKED I got this photo. I had no idea I'd made this capture until I was uploading the photos from the camera. I can say for sure I wouldn't have gotten this photo without my DSLR.

Tommy does this trick called "1-2-3" and on three, we toss the cheerio and he catches it in his mouth. We were doing this in the midst of a dual photo session (in fact, Pippin is on the far right of this cropped photo). I just started snapping away, kind of in the hopes of catching the cheerio in mid-air. Not even dreaming that I'd capture this.

I just about squealed and levitated out of my chair when I saw this. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do...

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Tommy said...

The cheerio poised on my tongue is pretty amazing. Thanks for the photos.
High Five!!!!!