Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy List, Week 27

Perfect Rose

1. My parents for their incredibly generosity. Especially my dad who loaned me his car for part of the summer.

2. For our new mechanic telling us that the car isn't totaled after all and not charging us and arm and a leg to fix it.

3. WM and GS for their support. Like good friends do, they were totally there for me.

4. WM's family for having this lovely cottage on this gorgeous lake. Like I said in a blog post/365 post, this was exactly what I needed after my nerves were unsettled by the accident.

5. My iPhone for having hotel finders when you're in the middle of nowhere and need a place because your nerves are frayed from driving in the rain.

6. WM's best girls (maids-of-honor/bridesmaids) because they remind me of some of my friends from college. They're also theatre gals, so they welcomed me easily.

7. NJ - because surprisingly, everything is close together.

8. Cocktail hour. It's always beer:30 on the lake, so it's nice to kick back and relax in nature.

I only feel like eight this week. So there. :)

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