Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy List, Week 29

Perfect Rose

1. My ASM. We've been having long days and crises every day. Twice I haven't been able to go home for dinner, and each time she's brought something back. Rock star.

2. The little things in life. Despite the craziness, I've managed to find at least one thing funny each day. Sometimes its ridiculous, sometimes mundane.

3. Old friends/faces at this company are good.

4. But so are new.

5. 365 project. Still going strong... 29 days and counting. Remembering to take a picture, and having fun doing so is keeping me sane.

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M said...

Excellent list! Come back to it often because these Are the things - humor, friends, camera, an outside project - that do indeed keep one sane.

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