Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snowy Christmas Eve

Before I start posting my project photos (which I've already knocked some off my list...), I need to work on the backlog of photos. So I start with a snowy Christmas Eve. Our first real snow since Thanksgiving, and that one barely lasted that day.

After reading an article in my new photography magazine (courtesy of a friend), I really wanted to take pictures of snow. Not quite sure why I got the proverbial bee in my bonnet about it since I will be spending all of February and March in ALASKA, where it snows A LOT.

Time flew by on Christmas Eve and I headed out a little too late in the day. Plus it had started snowing much heavier than it had when I had left the house. Nevertheless, I still caught a few good snaps. Here are my favorites:

Snowy Picnic Tables

Snowy Road

A Snowy Christmas Eve in Forest Park

A Snowy Christmas Eve in Forest Park

Snowy Art Hill

And this one which I caught on the way home from catching up with old family friends:

Snowy Zoo Gate

This gate is pretty in its own right, but highlighted with snow and hit with perfect light - just made a trifecta of good and I couldn't let that moment pass by.

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